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ASCO Augments Clinical Oncology Treatment Plan and Summary with Survivorship Care Plan

By: Zabrina Gonzaga - January 5, 2016
Co-authored by: Edward P. Ambinder, MD Jeremy L. Warner, MD The cancer journey, from diagnosis to treatment to survivorship, involves multiple interventions... READ MORE
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Draft 2016 Interoperability Standards Advisory: Lantana Response

By: Zabrina Gonzaga - December 18, 2015
 Everyone understands today that standards for data, communication, and terminology are the lynch pins of health information exchange across clinical care. But who is doing... READ MORE
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By: Zabrina Gonzaga - December 15, 2015
 Earlier this quarter, CMS came out with a rule that establishes a new methodology for MIPS eligible providers and encourages eligible professionals to participate in... READ MORE
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CDA in the Wild: Validation – XML Schema (Installment #3)

By: Rick Geimer - December 10, 2015
  During our last episode, we stumbled upon a wild CDA lying dead in the grass. Not wanting to pass up such an opportunity, we decided... READ MORE
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CDA In The Wild – Basic XML Issues (Installment #2)

By: Rick Geimer - November 30, 2015
 Move in closer you see that? It's a wild CDA lying motionless in the grass. Surely it's waiting for prey to…wait, it's not moving... READ MORE
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