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Wash, rinse, and repeat (Part 2)

My last blog post detailed some of the features of Trifolia that help make my life as an information analyst easier. In this post, I discuss the part of the workflow I use to develop an implementation guide (IG) and the templates contained in it. This part of the workflow starts after the analysis and…

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Trifolia, how do I love thee? Let Me Count the Ways (Part 1)

I’ve worked with various incarnations of HL7 Implementation Guides (IG) for roughly 8 years. My first exposure was in the UK with the NHS Connecting for Health’s Message Implementation Manual (MIM) for V3 messages. I wasn’t involved in building this specification, but I did use it for coding. Later, I was responsible for creating the Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) IGs for Australia’s national eHealth program. Back then, these were manually created Word documents that evolved into partially automated DocBook created PDF documents.

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