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Lantana is working to improve the long-term environmental health and well-being of our staff, the companies we work with, the communities we live in, and the planet we share. We are committed to sustainable business practices through our greenLantana initiative, announced in October 2015. The initiative is our collective effort to measure, evaluate, and reduce our environmental footprint while we improve the social impact of our Lantana way of doing business. It emphasizes environmental responsibility, corporate social responsibility, and the triple bottom line—known as people, planet, and profit.

Through greenLantana, we help our staff members reduce their environmental impact and consider how to reduce the environmental impact of our own IT systems and practices and those of our clients.

In 2021, Lantana became a partner with My Green Doctor. We will collaborate on blogs, articles, and resources, and we’ll spread the word about what each organization has to offer.

As the project develops, we will continue to learn from other companies and organizations and to share our experience seeking out those, like us, who work outside a single brick and mortar office and those who are involved in health IT.

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Happy Earth Day from Lantana

By Dani Robinson-Holland | April 19, 2024

Written by Dani Robinson-Holland In recognition of Earth Day on April 22, Lantana explored ways to contribute to environmental responsibility as individuals and as a company. For this year’s Earth…

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Climate Change: “Not the End of the World” Book Review 

By Julie Wright | March 28, 2024

Written by Julie Wright Every day, news headlines on climate change warn us of the negative direction the world is headed. So much so, I’ve become hesitant to open the…

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Connecting the Dots to Make Food Systems Sustainable

By Admin | April 9, 2023

References: (1) (2) (3) (4)

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Climate Change: Taking Action for Equity

By greenLantana | April 9, 2022

Climate change is impacting human lives and health in a variety of ways. It threatens the essential ingredients of good health – clean air, safe drinking water, nutritious food supply,…

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