Welcome to the Lantana Consulting Group Blog!

Moving into our beautiful new site is like getting a new home.  It’s a great opportunity to see ourselves in a new light. As you can see, the site features us, and, boy, do we look good! We struggled to find a way to convey ourselves. A consulting company – an IT consulting company – deals in abstractions and deliverables that even when you can get your hands around them, don’t have much visual appeal and don’t necessarily tell you much about who we are and how we work.

Making our collective mugs the centerpiece of the site, I believe, cuts through the abstraction and IT-ness, highlighting what we feel is our strength and central character, which is that we are a group of highly trained, motivated, experienced and caring people and we are pretty darn nice to work with, too.

We’ve carried over some features from the Alschuler Associates site, of course, the popular Quick Start Guides, the CDA Validator, modular style sheets and the library.

This blog is new, and we’ve added a snazzy new room featuring our clients and partners. It’s been gratifying to get permission to list so many of them here – I think we received about a 90% positive on the requests to list. This list is a testament to the work we’ve done over the past five years as Alschuler Associates and Semantically Yours and to the centrality of standards across health IT.

Please tell us what you like about site and what else you might like to see here. We’re still moving into our new house, rearranging the furniture a bit and enjoying the view.