Wellness in the Workplace – The Social Dimension

Previous Wellness in the Workplace blogs covered the physical dimension1 of wellness. Today’s blog covers the social dimension in a virtual environment.   [caption id="" align="alignleft"...MORE
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Nursing Informatics Series: Lynn’s Journey

  Today, as a Senior Nurse Informaticist at Lantana, I am part of a team of clinical, program...MORE
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Wellness in the Workplace – Powerlifting

  How do you begin your day? If you’re like Crystal Kallem, Lantana’s Executive Director of Analysis and Policy, you begin with an...MORE
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Wellness in the Workplace

  What comes to mind when you think of wellness? Good health? A low body mass index? An active lifestyle?   Wellness is more than the physical state...MORE
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Notes from the Field

  This blog post is the first in a short series of Lantana’s experience in getting out of the office and into the field.   As a fully...MORE
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