NHSNLink is an open source reference implementation for CDC's National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) reporting. It is an application that aggregates, calculates, and shares line-level clinical data for patients matching NHSN surveillance requirements.

The application: 

  • Receives patient-of-interest IDs out-of-band​
  • Queries/scoops relevant data associated with each patient ID and posts to CQF-Ruler as FHIR® resources​
  • Evaluates scooped clinical data against measure definitions to produce a MeasureReport containing calculated:​
    • Initial population​
    • Other population counts as required (Numerator, Denominator)​
    • Line/patient-level data used during measure evaluation​
  • Generates a MeasureReport bundle and saves as a file to submit to the NHSN Server

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NHSNLink is under development for NHSN by Lantana. For more information about NHSN, click here.

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