What’s New in Trifolia 2.15

Trifolia 2.15 Released on Thursday, July 24, 2014

Template Identifier Changes

Templates do not require identifiers to be OIDs any longer. They can be one of four formats:

  • OID: “oid:2.17.840.113883…”
  • II: “urn:hl7ii:ROOT:EXTENSION”
  • HTTP/HTTPS: “http://myidentifier.com” or “https://myidentifier.com”

MS Word exports use the label “identifier” instead of “templateId” when outputting the template identifier.

Schematron is updated to detect if the identifier as in II format and look for @root=XXX and @extension=YYY

Creating a copy of a template automatically converts OID identifiers to II type and creates an extension for the identifier based on the date that the template is copied.

Note: Only “oid:XXX” and “urn:hl7ii:XX:YY” are valid formats for CDA documents.

Known Bug: Trifolia 2.15 supports a URI:XXXX format for identifiers. We have identified that this is invalid and support for this format of identifier will be removed in the 2.16 release of Trifolia.

Export Notes

Template and constraint notes can now be exported as part of the MS Word document. Trifolia notes will be exported as MS Word “Review Comments” so that readers can easily navigate through the notes.

Remember: Notes are not intended to be included in balloted artifacts. They are only intended to help manage the lifecycle of template design.

The “Export Settings” for MS Word has a checkbox for “Notes” which is un-checked by default.

Implementation Guide Changes

Implementation guides now contain a “Display Name” which are used by exports. The display name is not required. When display name is not specified, exports will use the name of the implementation guide.

MS Exports now include a footer and a header. The footer contains page numbers and the name of the implementation guide. The header contains the date of the export and the calculated name of the implementation guide.


The “View Template” and “View Implementation Guide” pages have a more user-friendly navigation bar for selecting actions.

The “View Implementation Guide” page allows users to search for templates within the implementation guide.

View Implementation Guide Navigation

View Template Navigation

View Implementation Guide Template Search

Development Log

New FeatureOption to export Notes
New FeatureMS Export footer and title page
New FeatureCreate a new field that has the “display” name of the IG
New FeatureDocument/Section level tables – add templates to “Fixed Value” column (& maybe change name)
New FeatureDrop-down on View IG to select template
ImprovementExport templates to MS Word – value sets create as appendix default
ImprovementUse plugin interfaces in Schematron engine
ImprovementUse interfaces for Schematron Engine
ImprovementImproved navigability of “View Implementation Guide” and “View Template”
ImprovementWarn user when leaving publish settings without saving changes
ImprovementMake the description text boxes of IG Template Type Descriptions larger
ImprovementAllow typing a binding date for valueset
ImprovementAllow typing a template oid in addition to opening dialog
ImprovementAllow typing value set oid instead of opening dialog
ImprovementVersion without new template oid
ImprovementSample Generation w/ Data
ImprovementAutomatically refresh client-side javascript files after release
GeneralCan’t edit description or source URL for value set
DefectTerminology: Description and URL fields missing
DefectAllows the creation of members with duplicate user names.
DefectIG Viewer – Exception appearing when Versioning an IG
DefectIG Deletion – Error appearing when removing a Versioned IG
DefectConstraint Editor – can’t add value set to a primitive
DefectTemplate Editor – Exception appearing when user clicks “Move”
DefectFHIR – Templates Identifiers with plain “http” and “https” based URIs
DefectMove Template – Server error in ‘/’ Application.
DefectExport templates to MS Word: Inferred templates radio not working
DefectBrowse Terminology – Complete : Yes/No -appears to be opposite
DefectCan’t add sdtc:dischargeDispositionCode to template
DefectTemplate- constraint order not appearing the same in Editor and Viewer for pre-existing templates