What’s New in Trifolia 2.16?

Released on Thursday, Oct 23, 2014

Retired Template Status

Trifolia now supports a “Retired” template status, representing a template that should no longer be used. The Retired status is only used on templates that have been versioned. The Retired status omits the template from the main body of the MS Word document and includes an additional appendix table listing all retired templates and their descriptions. Upon retirement, a template’s description should be modified to describe why the template was retired.

After selecting the “Retired” status, you will be reminded that the “implied template” reference and all constraints in the template will be automatically removed. This ensures that template references do not linger in the retired template, inadvertently causing additional templates to be included in the exports.

View Template and Implementation Guide

The “View Template” and “View Implementation Guide” screens have been improved for consistency and visibility of clickable links.

Export Schematron Inferred Templates Option

The option to exclude inferred templates from a Schematron export has been reintroduced. Implementation guides that repeat constraints from implied templates in the implying template need this ability so that validation messages aren’t duplicated.

Development Log

New FeatureExport Schematron: Bring back "Include inferred templates" check box
New FeatureAdd "Retired" status to templates
New FeatureAppendix in MS Word exports for retired templates
ImprovementLinks in labels on View Template and View Implementation Guide should be obvious
DefectSingle Value bindings being changed to other when you save and re-open
DefectAdd "Source URL" validation to "Value Set" dialog

What’s Next?

The following table describes what is currently planned to be completed in the coming weeks. This list changes regularly; it is not guaranteed that all items on the list will be included in the next release, nor that they will be completed in the order they are shown below.

DefectTemplate identifier “oid:” must be “urn:oid:”
New FeatureSchematron support warnings and errors for retired and terminated templates" nowrap="nowrap"
New FeatureNotify users when they are given permissions to an implementation guide
New FeatureAllow authors to "request access" to implementation guides
New FeatureExport IG: Allow override of default number of printed out values in a value set
DefectValue sets exported with ellipses even when there are no more active values in the set
DefectConforms to templates in MS Word exports - add a note stating which IG the implied template is defined in
DefectCopy Template - have the implied template come up in the metadata fields