Each of our products comes with documentation for installation and use.

We also provide localization, customization, and support services. We stand behind all our software with support and documentation.

Client Localization, Customization, and New Software Development

If your needs are not met by our products off the shelf, we can help:

  • Customize our products to meet your individual requirements.
  • Integrate Lantana product suite with on-premise technologies (e.g., integrate with local FHIR services)
  • Customize Schema integrations
  • Provide priority support for client Schema/Schematrons in public Validator

Each of these products was originally a client requirement. Where appropriate, we fold new features and improvements from our bespoke development back into our products.


We train users on our products and the underlying standards they support: FHIR, CDA, and every flavor of their implementation and use. We will work with you to design a training program to meet your objectives. Training can be remote or on-site.

Installation and System Integration

We can help with:

  • Integrating your authentication provider with Trifolia-on-FHIR and Trifolia Workbench.
  • Providing support for FHIR server integration with Trifolia-on-FHIR.
  • Uploading additional Schemas/Schematrons to our public Validator
  • Configuring your installation of the Validator.
  • Upgrading your installations of Trifolia Workbench, Trifolia-on-FHIR, and the Validator.

Service-level Agreement

We offer a service-level agreement (SLA) which covers new releases, upgrades, maintenance, priority bug fixes, help desk, and general support appropriate to each product.

For more information or to request a demonstration of any of our software products, contact products@lantanagroup.com.