Working from Home (#WFH): Wendy’s RV Office


Lantana’s distributed environment allows for some pretty exciting adventures. From international travels to unconventional living, that flexibility can make for some rather unique “offices”.


Wendy Wise, Senior Project Manager & Public Health Analyst, has her own #WFH story to tell. Since 2015, Wendy’s “office” has been a Class C RV!


Wendy with her Office


Home on Wheels

You may ask yourself, how exactly did Wendy end up living in an RV? In November of that year, Wendy decided to temporarily move to Phoenix, Arizona, to live with her brother while he completed his last few in-person classes at Arizona State University. The search for adequate housing was rather difficult. Short-term lease options for units close to campus and pet friendly (Wendy has two fur babies) were limited.


With no luck, Wendy got creative. In December 2015, she bought the RV from Florida Cruise America, rented her house in Ohio, and hit the open road!


“For years I’ve wanted to move out West. I traveled very little growing up in rural Ohio. This lifestyle affords me the opportunity to explore before moving permanently.”

– Wendy on what RV living means to her


During Lantana’s company shut down between the Christmas and New Year holidays, Wendy and her brother drove from Ohio to Phoenix with plans to stay for five months or more. The camp was close to Phoenix, the University, and Papago Park, a great place for running, biking, and walking the dogs. Despite the amenities, Wendy soon realized the RV was not as comfortable for two people and two dogs as planned. To solve the problem, Wendy traded in the used RV for a new RV with a garage! Yep…the 9’x8′ garage became Wendy’s bedroom, office, dog kennel, and bike storage area while her brother stayed in the front.


Wendy’s New RV


Working From the Open Road

Wendy’s office functions like all other Lantana offices, but with a few minor differences. Wendy only stops at RV parks with Wi-Fi and full hook up services to stay connected all day (with the occasional help from a Verizon Jetpack and a Wi-Fi booster). For her phone, she uses her cell since moving from the RV park in Phoenix where she had a traditional landline. In place of a second monitor, Wendy connects to the RV’s built in TV rather than a traditional computer screen.


Wendy’s Work Station


Wendy created the best possible space for her day-to-day work activities, but her setup is not always perfect. Occasionally, the RV needs some mechanical work like an A/C reboot or a fix to the outside awning.


“If something major goes wrong and my RV needs repairs, I not only lose my office, but I lose my living/sleeping arrangements. Having a new(er) RV helps ease my mind.”

-Wendy on the Difficulties of Living on the Road


Despite the difficulties, Wendy has explored the country, taking her job with her. She has seen many natural wonders of the United States with her rolling home office.


The Grand Canyon


What’s Next for Wendy?

After spending the first half of 2017 in Ohio, Wendy hit the road again in the late summer traveling from Ohio to Colorado. She drove three to five hours each night after work and gradually traveled 1,200 miles on Interstate 70 through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado.


Office View in Kansas


Currently, Wendy is settled with her two dogs for three months at an RV park in Estes Park, Colorado…only two miles from Rocky Mountain National Park! She attended the Lantana Retreat in nearby Lyons on October 15-20.


Estes Park, Colorado


After the retreat, with winter coming on, a friend flew out and drove back to Ohio with Wendy where the RV has parked for the winter and Wendy enjoys the strange sensation of immobility in a rented apartment. What happens when the weather warms up again? Where in the world will Wendy head next? She’s not quite sure yet, but with a home on wheels and a flexible job, the possibilities are endless. The world is her oyster…or should I say office!


Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado