Trifolia Work Bench (TWB) creates CDA® implementation guides, including templates, value sets, narrative, custom validation logic, and samples and publishes them in several formats for immediate use or for ballot in the standard HL7® format.

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What I like best about using it is that it keeps you on track with the standard which would be very difficult to by hand. It would be difficult (at least for me) to remember all those template details and datatype options. It also keeps all references and links consistent in the output document which would be very hard to do by hand. I would not want to author a CDA without it.

Brian Reinhold, LNI Health

Trifolia Work Bench is the industry standard tool when it comes to creating CDA Implementation Guides (IG). It produces an export that is fully compliant against the IG quality criteria outlined by the HL7 Structured Documents Work Group. From its automatic generation of Schematron validation code to its built-in versioning of IGs and templates (including the generation of full detailed change documentation between versions of templates and IGs) Trifolia Work Bench allows me to create IGs quickly

Sarah Gaunt, Lantana

Trifolia Work Bench is a powerful tool that makes it possible for standards designers to create standards implementation guides needed to drive interoperability. It makes a complex, highly technical task more manageable and fosters greater consistency across implementation guides making these specifications easier to read and use. The IGs produced by ToF feed directly into the HL7 balloting process, simplifying ballot submission and publishing.

Lisa Nelson, Max MD

Reuse, Design, Reuse

We designed TWB to automate CDA template creation and optimize reuse of prior work. TWB starts with the base specification and open- access libraries including the US Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI). Users can point-and-click elements and attributes to create new templates, assert conformance to a published template, or modify and create a new version of anything in the database.

Create and Maintain XML

Designers use XML samples to visualize the abstract requirements of the specification. TWB automatically generates complete XML samples for each template or smaller snippets for individual constraints. These can be combined to create a complete sample document.  

Define custom validation

TWB generates Schematron rules that create a second layer of validation over the base CDA Schema. Users can also create or customize validation logic as XPATH assertions or define further Schematron rules for advanced validation logic.


Identify new code systems and define new value sets or import them from the Value Set Authority Center (VSAC) and Public Health Information Network Vocabulary Access and Distribution System (PHIN VADS) or from Excel.

Import and Export

TWB exports implementation guides in 10 formats, including HTML and MS Word for immediate implementation or HL7 ballot. Users can backup data with a point-in-time export and then import it later to restore the older data.


TWB can publish online in HTML or in PDF, Word, and flavors of XML, JSON, and Schematron. TWB creates hyperlinks and context tables at all levels in exported implementation guides which supports efficient navigation, review, and maintenance. It creates a table for each value set, and users can select the number of entries each table previews for large value sets.

Role-based Control and Permissions

Users can define user roles and permissions to control who can view and edit templates and value sets. Setting permissions for “everyone” means the full Trifolia user base can reuse your work.


Access our free-to-use hosted TWB version.

Download and install your own copy from the public code repository on GitHub. Local installation requires:

  • Windows Server 2008+
  • Microsoft C# .NET 4.5
  • OAuth 2.0 Authentication
  • SQL Server 2012+

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