2023 National Public Health Week: April 3-9

Every year the American Public Health Association galvanizes communities throughout the United States to observe public health issues and opportunities to improve health. National Public Health Week celebrates the contributions that have improved our nation’s health.

This year, the theme is “Centering and Celebrating Cultures in Health” which highlights public health’s role in improving our health and achieving health equity. Lantana makes health information available throughout the continuum of care to support safe, equitable, effective, and affordable healthcare that improves well-being. We are leveraging investments in health IT and developing strategies that maximize the value of data to identify health inequities.

As we reflect on this year’s theme, we consider how our culture and our communities shape not only our own health, but also our passions and the health of our communities. Many of our staff have chosen to pursue careers in health care, public health, and health IT and volunteer to improve their communities’ health. Lantana donates annually to charities that address a range of public health issues like behavioral health, environmental health, food insecurity, and health disparities throughout the nation. This year, Lantana staff voted to donate to the following organizations:

As we celebrate National Public Health Week 2023, we will be highlighting different ways that Lantana staff continue to push the needle forward on some of the most critical public health topics, both in the workplace and in their own lives, with effects spanning local communities to global impacts. Each day we will post a communications piece that touches on the daily theme:

  • Monday: Community
  • Tuesday: Violence Prevention
  • Wednesday: Reproductive and Sexual Health
  • Thursday: Mental Health
  • Friday: Rural Health
  • Saturday: Accessibility
  • Sunday: Food and Nutrition

Please join us in celebrating the many ways public health is elevated in our Lantana culture and community. Check back in each day and share our content with your community via social media or initiate a conversation about a public health issue with someone in your community. If this information resonates with you, keep up with Lantana happenings by visiting our website or subscribe to our newsletter. We look forward to engaging with you!