greenLantana: The Case Against Commuting


One of the many benefits of a distributed environment is flexibility. At Lantana Consulting Group, employees establish productive work environments wherever Wi-Fi can reach. Rather than joining millions of commuters across the United States, we embrace the freedom of working anywhere.


This Earth Day, we celebrate our commitment to reducing Lantana’s carbon footprint while recruiting talent from across the country and abroad. In the 2012 Urban Mobility Report, Texas A&M’s Transportation Institute (TTI) stated that “the total financial cost of traffic congestion in 2011 was $121 billion, or about $818 per car commuter” (WNYC). Auto pollution consistently ranks among the top contributors to global climate change. By reducing our total travel, and planning the rest around peak commuting hours, we play a small yet important role in limiting congestion and pollution.


In 2015, TTI estimates that traffic “caused drivers to waste more than 3 billion gallons of fuel, and kept travelers stuck in their cars for nearly 7 billion extra hours – 42 hours per rush-hour commuter. The total nationwide price tag: $160 billion, or $960 per commuter.” Telecommuting and remote collaboration eliminate our reliance on individual means of travel. At Lantana, the office can be just a few steps away.


The distributed office is at the foundation of our greenLantana movement. A study by Global Workplace Analytics states that half-time telecommuting has the potential to reduce emissions by approximately 51 million metric tons per year. We encourage others to take meaningful steps towards building sustainable work environments. Celebrate Earth Day today and every day. 


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