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FHIR® and Trifolia-on-FHIR Training Like No Other

Our Lantana Academy provides a hands-on, immersive, learning lab environment focused on HL7’s FHIR®, FHIR® Implementation Guides (IGs), and the tools you need to get started. The Academy holds small classes for one-on-one interaction with expert instructors, led by Rick Geimer, a FHIR-I co-chair, author of several implementation guides, and co-developer of our open-source tool,…

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My First HL7

HL7 Working Group Meetings (WGM) – #HL7WGM in my social media-oriented mind– are bustling, busy, eventful gatherings held three times a year that draw standards-minded people from around the world. I experienced my first HL7 WGM January in San Antonio, and from my short amount of time in the health IT (HIT) industry and little experience with standards in general, you could say I was overwhelmed but learned a ton.

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