Ready for Write-Enabled Trifolia Workbench?

We are! Lantana will soon release an enhanced, write-enabled version of the Trifolia Workbench: HL7 Web Edition for HL7 Members. Trifolia Workbench is a web-based standards development tool that supports designers, developers and implementers in capturing and managing HL7 RIM-based templates, such as the Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) and the Healthcare Quality Measure Format (HQMF/eMeasure).

HL7 Members will be able to pre-populate Trifolia Workbench with collections of CDA templates, including the full set of Consolidated CDA templates as referenced in Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements. Members will also be able to design new RIM-based templates. Templates designed in the HL7 Web Edition will become HL7 Intellectual Property and made available in the template library for all users.

Features with the write-enabled Member release will include:

  • New! Enhanced Publishing Tool: Export templates as customized Word documents to share within and outside your organization
  • New! Template Versioning: Identify and track version changes in templates
  • New! Enhanced Value Set Support: New tools for reporting, managing, and navigating value sets
  • New! Structured Template Entry Tool: Design, review, manage, and document HL7 templates
  • New! Generate basic XML samples for your templates
  • New! Schematron Generation: Automatically generate partial Schematron files to test conformance statements
  • Template Repository: A centralized database for template management
  • Documentation: User Guides and Online Help

Lantana will provide a demo of the new features at the HL7 27th Annual Plenary & Working Group Meeting next week.

WHAT: Trifolia Workbench Demo at HL7 Tooling Group Meeting
WHEN: Tuesday, September 24, 2013, Q2, 11:00 AM-12:30 PM
WHERE: Hyatt Regency Cambridge, Cambridge, MA, Empress East Room
REGISTER: You must be a registered HL7 meeting attendee to participate. You can register on site or online at

The current HL7 Web Edition is available at Select “Trifolia Workbench HL7 Web Edition” within the “CDA Tools” section. The new features will be available Q4 2013.

Additional features are available in Lantana’s commercial version of Trifolia Workbench. Learn more at Or, contact us for more information.