New Public CDA Stylesheet


Lantana is happy to announce the release of a new public CDA Stylesheet, an open-source renderer for CDA documents. The stylesheet transforms the XML in a CDA document into a webpage, which users can view in a browser or other XSLT-compatible application.


The new stylesheet is a much needed refresh of the look and feel of the commonly used display stylesheet, created by many hands, including ours, almost ten years ago. Our engineers and clinicians sought a clean, modern design that is easy-to-read and adaptable to a broad range of environments.


New features include:

  • Adapt to any device, including paper
  • Drag and drop re-ordering of sections from the Table of Contents
  • Indicate context by highlighting current section while navigating
  • Map common header identifiers to human readable display text
  • Logical grouping, revamped color palette, clearer text

We are releasing the new CDA Stylesheet in hopes that users will help us refine, improve, and enhance it.



For more information: