The Lantana Validator debugs your CDA® documents against the CDA R2 and CDA_SDTC XML Schemas and against any type of implementation guide that has a Schematron rule set. We host a public copy of the Validator for open access to over 20 types of documents. You can also host the Validator locally with balloted or propriety rules.

Access our free-to-use hosted version here.

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  • Validate with XSD Schema

    XSD schema validation is one of the simplest and most important validation methods available. It ensures your XML document is well-formed and meets the structural guidelines of the schema/model. You can configure the validation with one or multiple XSD schemas.

  • Validate with Schematron

    Schematron checks the structure and the content in the XML document. This additional level of validation ensures the values and codes within the XML document are appropriate and valid for the use case.

Validation Reporting

The Validator report is simple and helps solve the problems in your document by:

  • Identifying the issue as an error or a warning
  • Identifying the location of the issue in your XML file
  • Providing a descriptive summary of the problem
  • Identifying the test that resulted in an error/warning (for Schematron tests only)

Bulk Validate

Process a single XML document, or a Zip archive of multiple documents, all at once. Local installations can create a real-time validation pipeline for every inbound/outbound document.


The Validator is highly configurable. You can create a simple validation pipeline which validates against a single schema or you can create a more complex pipeline that validates against a schema, then a Schematron, then another Schematron, and so on.

Current Lantana-Hosted Document Types

Go to our Product Support page for information on how we can host your Schematron rules or license the Validator for local use and configuration.

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