Updated C-CDA and QRDA Specs Now Available

Updates for the HL7 Quality Reporting Document Architecture (QRDA), Release 2 and IHE Health Story Consolidation, Release 1.1 (Consolidated CDA or C-CDA) are now available.  The updates address errata approved by the HL7 Structured Document Work Group (SDWG), which maintains the Implementation Guides.  Both draft standards for trial use are referenced in the Certification Criteria for Electronic Health Record (EHR) Technology, 2014 Edition (2014 Ed. CEHRT) for Meaningful Use Stage 2 (MU2). 

What is an errata update?

An errata update is a correction within an Implementation Guide that can be made without impacting the content that has been vetted through the HL7 balloting process. Errata updates address inaccuracies in representations of the vetted content, such as misspellings, broken links or incongruent conformance statements. Updates to Implementation Guides and any supporting materials (e.g., sample files) reflecting errata are published in an “errata package.”  

What is in an errata package?

The C-CDA and QRDA errata packages include 1) an updated Implementation Guide with corrections to non-normative content, 2) an updated Template Library with corrections to normative content, and 3) a Change List spreadsheet that details all normative and non-normative errata updates.  These files make it easy to navigate the updates, which is great news for those of you already in the midst of implementation based on the specs that were published in July 2012.

Where can I access the updates?

The C-CDA and QRDA errata packages include errata approved by the SDWG in December 2012 and are available on the HL7 web site:

The SDWG invites HL7 members to comment on draft standards for trial use on an ongoing basis via the HL7 web site: