HIMSS Health Story Project: Our Successful Demonstration of the SEE Tool in a Patient-Centric Use Case

Co-authored by Angelo Kastroulis

Lantana’s Surrogate EHR Environment (SEE) Tool was featured in the HIMSS 2014 Showcase as part of the Health Story Project demonstration. We designed the SEE Tool to edit, save, and share CDA documents so that physicians who don’t have an EHR system can still access and edit patient data from an HIE and the patient can have a more complete and more fully engaged care team. The demonstration at HIMSS was an opportunity to clearly show how the SEE Tool can fill in gaps in how information is captured and flows between care providers and the patient.

The Health Story Project scenario featured a breast cancer patient navigating a complex landscape of multiple care providers and a volume of information. The oncologist used the SEE Tool to access data, including nutrition surveys and weight scale, and to receive glucometer readings came from the home care provider and the CarePlan from the PCP. After a review of this information, the oncologist initiated a consultation with the patient and recommended a change in medication. The oncologist was able to access this information and make updates to the record via the SEE Tool’s simple user interface.

We were honored to have our SEE Tool included in the HIMSS Health Story Project demonstration this year. The positive feedback about the use case beginning and ending with the patient was great to hear and the compliments on the simplicity of the SEE Tool’s interface were extremely welcome. We look forward to future Health Story Project collaborations.

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