Trifolia Open Source Update


Lantana is happy to announce the release of Trifolia 4.1, the second release as open source code. With the initial release, we announced plans to improve installation, documentation, to pre-load data, and to simplify authentication. We have made progress on all of these.


Trifolia 4.1 has these new features/functions and fixes:

  • Better support for FHIR STU3
  • Improved documentation
  • Improved installation process with separate set of SQL scripts for new Trifolia installs.
  • Improved import/export
  • Support for inclusion of implementation guides in new installs
  • Fixed some issues with the web-based implementation guide’s UML diagrams

We are discussing which implementation guides to include by default – please let us know your thoughts on this question.


We have made significant progress on simplified authentication, implementing and testing use of OAuth. In the next Trifolia update, users will see a single “Login” link. When clicked, users will be redirected to free OAuth identity provider, Existing users will not need to re-register or re-request permissions to access implementation guides. We have imported all current users into our account, Upon releasing these changes, all users will receive an email confirming their address before being asked to create a new password.


We hope to release these authentication changes in versions 4.2 or 4.3 during the next month.


Let us know what you think of these changes to help us prioritize our next worklist!