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Annual Retreat 2018

By: April Compingbutra - December 10, 2018
  Fifteen minutes into the 2017 film Wonder Woman, my only thought was,... READ MORE
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Reduce Provider Burden by Rethinking the eCQM Development Process

By: Kanwarpreet Sethi - November 14, 2018
  I’ve looked at the feds, I’ve looked at the vendors, I’ve tried to find the key to 50 million burdens.           (with... READ MORE
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Nursing Informatics Series: Angela’s Journey

By: Angela Flanagan - November 5, 2018
  As a former home health nurse, I know firsthand the importance of real-time patient health information. Today’s... READ MORE
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Nursing Informatics Series: Lynn’s Journey

By: Lynn Perrine - August 23, 2018
  Today, as a Senior Nurse Informaticist at Lantana, I am part of a team of clinical, program... READ MORE
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Working from Home (#WFH): How working remotely is one millennial’s dream job

By: Dresden Maxwell - July 31, 2018
  Working from home, once an unimaginable idea, is a regular part of many professionals’ lives. Technology innovation and improvements enable many to work from their... READ MORE
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