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Selective and Cascade Reporting of Antimicrobial Susceptibility Results – A Survey Among Facilities Submitting Data to the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) Antimicrobial Resistance Option

Virgie Fields, Amy Webb, Laura Blum, and Malissa Mojica co-authored the poster Susceptibility Results – A Survey Among Facilities Submitting Data to the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) Antimicrobial Resistance Option. This poster was presented at the CSTE conference.

Use of Antivirals for COVID-19 in Acute Care Hospitals Reporting to the NHSN AU Option

Virgie Fields, Amy Webb, Laura Blum, and Malissa Mojica co-authored a poster Selective and Cascade Reporting of Antimicrobial Susceptibility Results—A Survey Among Facilities Submitting Data to the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) Antimicrobial Resistance Option and presented it at this year’s CSTE conference.

Collaborating with Your Antimicrobial Stewardship Team using NHSN Data

Amy Webb presented Collaborating with Your Antimicrobial Stewardship Team using NHSN Data at the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) 2021 Annual Conference. She described the required data elements to submit into the NHSN Antimicrobial Use and Resistance (AUR) Module and reviewed how to interpret AUR Module analysis reports.

Developing a FHIR Implementation Guide for Extended RBC Phenotyping Information

John Spinosa attended the Pathology Informatics Summit and gave a presentation entitled Exchanging Extended RBC Phenotyping and Genotyping Information: HL7 FHIR Implementation Guide Status.

Adapting during a Global Pandemic: Capturing Remdesivir in the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) Antimicrobial Use Option

Heather Dubrendris presented a poster at this year’s virtual CSTE conference. The poster, Adapting during a Global Pandemic: Capturing Remdesivir in the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) Antimicrobial Use Option, was available virtually throughout the conference with opportunity for Q and A.

Building on the FHIR Framework Toward Advanced Interoperability Goals

As part of a HIMSS Education Webinar, Liora Alschuler and Rick Geimer, along with Hans Buitendijk of Cerner, explore the evolving applications of SMART on FHIR and other open APIs, such as the Apple Health Records API, CMS Blue Button 2.0, Sync for Science and more – and learn how providers can leverage them for their own strategic goals.

Health Samurai FHIR Profiling Meet-Up

Rick Geimer talked FHIR profiling with Trifolia-on-FHIR earlier this month. His presentation supported the overall topic of FHIR profiling solutions, and described and demonstrated Trifolia-on-FHIR’s features.

An Initiative to Exchange extended RBC Phenotyping Information using FHIR

Lantana is working with partners to:

  • Develop a standard for exchange of blood product genotyping and phenotyping information for BECS and BBLIS incorporation
  • Expand and convene a group of key stakeholders to launch this work and support it with domain expertise
  • Leverage the momentum of the core group and standards development project to procure funding that will carry through feasibility (Connectathon) testing, ballot, ballot reconciliation, and publication

Click here for more information.

Using CDA to Build a World on FHIR

This talk will presented a roadmap for a blended, heterogenous environment that provides both growth and continuity and expands the utility of current information systems. Rick Geimer and Don Lee described the foundation for a path forward and their experience driving down that path supporting care planning, public health, and information exchange.

Implementation of Antibiotic Stewardship Activities in Critical Access Hospitals

For U.S. Antibiotic Awareness Week, Erin O’Leary along with Emily Spivak, MD, MHS, FIDSA, presented the 2019 NHSN Annual Hospital Survey results for the antibiotic stewardship program Core Element uptake. They also provided practical suggestions for enhancing stewardship activities in critical access hospitals. Arjun Srinivasan, MD, FSHEA from CDC’s Division Quality Healthcare Promotion and Natalia Vargas, MPH from HRSA’s Federal Office of Rural Health Policy presented the goals for the next five years of the Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria (CARB) National Action Plan.

FHIR Documents

Rick Geimer presented on FHIR Documents at FHIR Dev Days. The event was attended by 587 participants in 43 countries.

Oral Health Information Technology Virtual Convening

Zabrina Gonzaga and David deRoode presented at the Oral Health Information Technology Virtual Convening during the Oral Health Interoperability and Care Coordination session on November 17th. This event focused on population health management and value-based care through dental health information innovations.

MIDS c3 Forum

Our CMS Hospital Quality Initiatives Public Reporting Support Contract team (Chris Truman, Larissa Mennen, and Ruby Nash) were invited to present a 15-20 minute overview of the project for the MIDS c3 Forum. The team presented a program overview (including history of this task order), task order purpose and scope, primary tasks and deliverable, upcoming key milestones, and challenges and mitigation strategies on the call. You can view a recording here.

FHIR & CDA: Dual Standards or Dueling Standards?

Rick Geimer, Chief Innovation Officer, presented an overview of dual FHIR/CDA implementation guide development, including when to develop dual IGs, requirements, development challenges, and the dual IG HL7 ballot process.

WEDI Winter Conference: Transactions to Tranformation

Rick Geimer led the Transactions to Transformation Session at the WEDI Winter Conference. The session began with an exercise on creating patient demographics using the FHIR API, explained how X12 and FHIR work together, and shared an overview of various industry IGs including Argonaut, US Core and Da Vinci.

eCare Plans — Nurse Informaticist Role as an Advocate

Zabrina Gonzaga and Marla Throckmorton presented this poster at the Summer Institute of Nursing Informatics (SINI) to provide an overview of electronic care plan standards, strategies to identify clinically-relevant and meaningful concepts for exchange, identify the benefits of adoption, and suggest how to increase implementation and use. Electronic care plans can improve efficiency and resolve the duplicate entry issues that are associated with paper care plans and standards that make them interoperable. Nevertheless, uptake and adoption of electronic care plans lags behind the adoption of interoperable electronic health records (EHRs).

As electronic care plan standards evolve, nurse informaticists play a central role in pursuing the viability and applicability of care plans across healthcare settings. Nurses are the common denominator in most care settings and have the power to drive change. Nurse informaticists involved in standards development can contribute their expertise to identify core concepts critical to patients’ journeys in the continuum of care.

NHSN Antimicrobial Use Option – Implementation, Validation & Analysis

Amy Webb presented on NHSN Antimicrobial Use Option – Implementation, Validation & Analysis at the APIC 2019 Annual Conference. The presentation described the required data elements for submission into the NHSN AU Option, identified examples of how to validate AU data before and after submission to NHSN, and outlined the AU Option analysis reports.

Lessons Learned from Validation of Electronically-Submitted National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) Antimicrobial Use (AU) Option Data

Laura Blum presented Lessons Learned from Validation of Electronically-Submitted National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) Antimicrobial Use (AU) Option Data at 2019 Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE) Annual Conference in Raleigh, NC.

Hospital participation in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) Antimicrobial Use (AU) surveillance increased exponentially over the last two years, with over 1,100 facilities submitting AU data to NHSN as of December 2018. The NHSN AU Team works closely with hospital participants to identify and mitigate data errors. These data validation activities prompt corrections to erroneous data and serve as guidance for the NHSN AU Team as it develops its technical support. The NHSN AU Team analyzed AU data submitted to NHSN between January 1, 2016 and March 31, 2018 to identify and categorize data errors and pinpoint opportunities for targeted outreach and improvement. This presentation summarizes the most common data quality issues in antimicrobial days (i.e., numerator data) and days present (i.e., denominator data), and suggests additional steps to ensure data validity during the AU data submission process.

Joint Commission’s Pioneers in Quality: Expert to Expert Series

Lynn Perrine and Angela Flanagan participated in the Joint Commission’s Pioneers in Quality: Expert to Expert Series. Lynn presented AMI on 1/29 and EDHI on 3/5, and Angela presented ED-1 & ED-2 on 2/12.

The Joint Commission and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) are committed to supporting hospitals on their journey towards electronic clinical quality measure (eCQM) adoption and transition to the new Clinical Quality Language (CQL) logic expression language for the 2019 eCQM reporting period. Through the Joint Commission’s Pioneers in Quality: Expert to Expert Series, education sessions dedicated to specific measures take a “deep dive” into the new CQL expression language. Sessions begin with a comprehensive review of the measure logic, coverage of common questions and issues, and conclude with a live Q & A session. Access recordings of the presentations here.

Standardized Antimicrobial Administration Ratio (SAAR)

Erin O’Leary presented on NHSN’s risk-adjusted antimicrobial use summary metric, the Standardized Antimicrobial Administration Ratio (SAAR) at the 2019 NHSN Annual Training.

2019 NHSN Annual Training

The Lantana Team presented two sessions at the NHSN Annual Training in March 2019. Wendy Wise, MPH, PMP presented on NHSN Antimicrobial Use Option reporting and analysis and Amy Webb, MPH, CHES presented on and Antimicrobial Resistance Option reporting and analysis. 

CMA OASIS Field Test Findings

Zabrina Gonzaga co-created these three posters, accepted as part of the Academy Health Conference in June 2019, which describe the results of the Home Health CMS Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) field test conducted from 2016-2017.

The PROMIS – OASIS Comparison: First Steps for Post-Acute Care Data Collection with Patient Reported Outcomes poster describes the findings and feasibility of using the Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System® (PROMIS®) Global tool.

The Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) Field Test: Methods, Design and Participants poster describes the key objective, methods and findings that could inform CMS quality measurement activities. 

The Reliability and Validity Testing of Current and Potentially New OASIS Items poster describes the results and implications of the OASIS field test.

HATA Educational Webinar: Slaying the Fax Machine

Liora Alschuler and Rick Geimer collaborated on a webinar for HATA focusing on the potential role of practice and document management systems in orchestrating standard electronic attachments, per the anticipated CMS NPRM.

The Future of Standards for Clinical Quality Measurement & Reporting

KP Sethi, Director of Information Analysis & Technology, presented on the future of quality measurement to the HL7 community at HIMSS 2019.

2018 ID Week Conference

Amy Webb, MPH, CHES presented a poster comparing the first cohort of NHSN Antimicrobial Use and Resistance (AUR) Module reporting facilities to non-AUR reporting facilities at the 2018 ID Week Conference in October 2018.


This comprehensive tutorial covers FHIR documents; C-CDA on FHIR and US Core; Converting, managing, and validating FHIR documents; and Current/Future Work and Resources.


Introduction to Consolidated CDA​(C-CDA)

In this tutorial, Rick Geimer covers the history and need for the Consolidated CDA guide; Use cases for each document type; How to read and understand the guide; Similarities and differences with past work; and Available tools and resources


FHIR Alignment with USCDI Panel: C-CDA on FHIR

Describes the C-CDA on FHIR project, it’s relationship to US Core and where it fits into a transitional roadmap.


WEDI Summer Forum: A Deep Dive in the Use of LOINC Codes​, C-CDA and LOINC​

In the presentation, Rick Geimer describes how LOINC codes support the request for additional information and the classification and management of that information.


HL7 Webinar: C-CDA on FHIR

In this tutorial, Rick Geimer covers CDA, C-CDA, and FHIR documents; discusses the relationship between C-CDA-on-FHIR and the US Core; conversion between formats; and presented a live walk-through of samples and conversions.


HL7 FHIR Developer Days: C-CDA on FHIR

This comprehensive tutorial covers FHIR documents; C-CDA on FHIR and US Core; Converting, managing, and validating FHIR documents; and Current/Future Work and Resources.


Lantana Webinar: C-CDA-on-FHIR

Rick Geimer, Chief Innovation Officer, presented an overview of FHIR Documents, a walkthrough of the C-CDA on FHIR implementation guide, and coverage of bi-directional C-CDA to FHIR transformations including demonstrations. Download the recording and the Q&A log for more information.

WEDI: Standards for Electronic Attachments

Rick Geimer presented an overview of the interoperability standards proposed for HIPAA-compliant national electronic attachments.


NHSN Annual Training 2018

Amy Webb, MPH, CHES presented a session on the NHSN Antimicrobial Use and Resistance (AUR) Module reporting and analysis at the NHSN Annual Training in March 2018.

HL7 FHIR Applications Roundtable

Eric Parapini and KP Sethi presented Lantana’s work under the ONC HIP Grant to develop dual CDA and FHIR IGs for the Pharmacist Care plan and related transforms. The FHIR Applications Roundtable features numerous short form presentations and demos from providers, vendors, academic institutions, start-ups, and others showcasing FHIR-based solutions in the development or implementation stages.

WEDI-Con 2017

Rick Geimer presented “Attachment Payloads: A Detailed View into HL7 C-CDA for Attachments.” Rick demonstrated how to create a CDA document from scanned date and provided a detailed look at crafting HL7 Consolidated CDA documents based on attachments guidelines.

ONC 2017 Annual Meeting

Rick Geimer presented an overview of Lantana’s ONC-HIP project. Lantana’s project team created Pharmacist Care Plan document types in CDA and FHIR and bi-directional transforms. ​The ONC Annual Meeting convenes key stakeholders across the public and private sector. Attendees discuss the seamless and secure flow of health information to enhance care and improve health, science, and research. 

HL7 2017 FHIR Developer Days

FHIR Developer Days is the largest HL7 FHIR event in the world.​ The three-day event covers some 50 tutorials and keynotes, numerous hands-on sessions guided by experts, and networking opportunities. Rick Geimer led the FHIR Documents track. ​

The Changing Landscape of Quality Standards

On November 8, Lantana’s Kanwarpreet Sethi hosted a one-hour webinar on The Changing Landscape of Quality Standards. The webinar introduced the new standards in development for Clinical Quality Measurement as part of the Clinical Quality Framework S&I initiative. The slideshow explains the fundamentals of these standards; their design; how they fit within the current landscape of quality reporting; and their potential impact on measure developers, quality reporting, and the vendor community.

HL7 FHIR Applications Roundtable Showcase

On July 27-28, 2016, Health Level Seven (HL7) convened the first ever roundtable focused on state of the art in application development for the emerging Fast Healthcare Interoperable Resources (FHIR) standard. Lantana’s CEO Liora Alschuler and CTO Rick Geimer attended. Rick gave two of the presentations featured.

FHIR Profiling in Trifolia Tutorial

In this tutorial, Rick Geimer and Sean McIlvenna explain how to create and modify Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) profiles using the new functionality in the Trifolia template database. Trifolia is a web-based tool with over 500 users searching, creating, and modifying Clinical Data Architecture (CDA) templates and implementation guides. The latest version provides experimental support for FHIR profile creation.

Fundamentals of eCQM Development Webinar

On December 16, Angela Flanagan presented a one-hour webinar on the Fundamentals of eCQM Development. This presentation introduced the basics of eCQM development and focused on fundamentals, such as the blueprint and Quality Data Model. The webinar also covered the tools used in eCQM development such as Value Set Authoring Center (VSAC), Measure Authoring Tool (MAT), and Bonnie testing tool.

Mastering the full set of tools & skills is a tall order. This overview is useful for program and business analysts, architects, and managers who need to assess the viability and level of effort involved.

HL7 and FHIR: The New Standard for Health Exchange Interoperability

Liora Alschuler and Rick Geimer (remote presenter) presented at the Vermont Information Technology Leaders (VITL) Summit on October 1, 2015 in Burlington, VT. They provided a brief history of HL7 standards, an overview of FHIR, how CDA and FHIR can work together and the path forward.

The VITL Summit was a two day event packed with five tracks and 15 breakout sessions focused on Health Care Consumers, Health Information Technology, Clinical IT, Health IT Innovators & Health Care Policy.

Long Term and Post Acute Care (LTPAC) Summit – 2015

The LTPAC Summit was held in Baltimore, MD June 21-23, 2015. The LTPAC Health IT Collaborative has convened key HIT leaders, policy makers, leading providers, federal state grantees and other professional for the last decade to advance policies and initiatives to alight with the national healthcare strategy. The “LTPAC Across Care Settings” session demonstrated how HIT can be leveraged to enable information exchanges across a variety of care settings. Various use-cases were highlighted. Jennie Harvel with ASPE moderated and the presenters included: Lindsey Hoggle with Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Jim Younkin with Geisinger Institute and Mike Tushan with Lantana.

IMPACT, Standards and Interoperability: The Road Ahead

Lantana’s Zabrina Gonzaga and Lynn Perrine presented “IMPACT, Standards and Interoperability: The Road Ahead” on Tuesday, August 25 as part of the McKnight’s Media Super Tuesday webinar series which focuses on technology in the Long Term and Post Acute Care setting.

Health Level 7 Policy Conference – Winter 2014

The HL7 Policy Conference was held on December 4-5, 2014. The meeting focused on how policy can accelerate interoperability and foster innovation. Liora Alschuler gave a presentation on standards maturity, the alignment of standards and policy and how analytics can drive positive change.

WEDI Webinar – Interoperability: Practical, Affordable & Valuable

Interoperability is key to delivering value-based care – and lack of ROI for HIT investment is a major barrier to interoperability. Ever wonder how to break through this cycle? Take a look at this talk we presented for WEDI, the Workgroup on Electronic Data Interchange. We looked at the role data standards play in supporting value-based purchasing focusing on CDA, QRDA and FHIR. Liora AlschulerKanwarpreet Sethi and Rick Geimer presented for WEDI on October 28, 2014.

Webinar – CDA on FHIR: The Road Ahead

Lantana hosted a CDA on FHIR: The Road Ahead webinar on September 9, 2014. We provided an overview of each standard and the efforts to migrate or recreate CDA on a FHIR platform. Rick Geimer and Liora Alschuler discussed progress, challenges, and implementation strategies, taking questions at the end of the session from among the attendees.

2014 WEDI Summer Forum – Consolidated CDA R2

Lantana’s Russell Hamm alongside Durwin Day with Health Care Service Corporation and Eric Pupo from Deloitte led a session on Consolidated CDA (C-CDA) R2 at the 2014 WEDI Summer Forum. The session provided an overview of C-CDA R2, outlined key differences between past versions of C-CDA and C-CDA R2 and provided insight into expected changes and future adoption of C-CDA R2.

10th Annual Iowa eHealth Summit – Quality Reporting Under Meaningful Use Stage 2

Crystal Kallem attended the 10th Annual Iowa eHealth Summit held in Des Moines. She gave a presentation entitled Quality Reporting Under Meaningful Use Stage 2. The presentation provided an overview of quality reporting requirements under Meaningful Use Stage 2, the relationship between quality reporting and standards and guidance on how to put it all together.

Connecting Michigan for Health 2014 – Clinical Quality Improvement Current & Future

Kanwarpreet Sethi spoke at the Connecting Michigan for Health 2014 Meeting held by Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN). The presentation outlined current quality reporting standards and planned work to unify standards and make adoption easier.

WEDI Health Innovations Summit 2014 – Crossing the Chasm Between Quality & Administrative Data

Crystal Kallem gave a presentation at the 2014 Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) Health Innovations Summit. The presentation discussed the use of administrative and clinical data for quality and continuity of care and reviewed Health IT standards enabling automated quality measurement and continuity of care.

Health Story at HIMSS 2014 Showcase

Liora Alschuler gave a talk on the Health Story Project at the HIMSS 2014 Interoperability Showcase. The talk was titled “Interoperability For Everyone” and described the Project background, purpose and the Health Story Showcase demonstration. Liora announced the official launch of The Health Story Roundtable & the election of a new Leadership Council. For information on the Project, how to sign up for the Roundtable, & the election, click here.

The Health Story Project for Interoperability

At the 2014 IHE NA Connectathon in Chicago, Liora Alschuler presented “The Health Story Project for Interoperability.” Liora discussed the evolution and past contributions of the Health Story Project and corresponding partnerships, and how Health Story will raise awareness and improve information exchange and interoperability for coordinated patient care, payer-provider integration, and population health.

Quality Reporting Under Meaningful Use Stage 2

For WEDI’s December 12 Town Hall Webinar, Crystal Kallem presented “Quality Reporting under Meaningful Use Stage 2.” To learn more about becoming a WEDI member, please send an email to Samantha Holvey –sholvey@wedi.org.

FDB Customer Seminar: Using HL7 C-CDA; and Quality Reporting with eMeasures and HL7 QRDA

George Augustine Koromia, MD presented two sessions at the FDB Customer Seminar 2013: “Basics of Clinical Information Exchange Using HL7’s Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture,” and “Basics of Quality Reporting Using eMeasures and HL7’s Quality Data Reporting Architecture.”

14th Annual International HL7 Interoperability Conference

Sarah Gaunt presented “Templated CDA, C-CDA, and the Care Plan” and provided a Trifolia Workbench demo at the 14th International HL7 Interoperability Conference in Sydney, Australia on October 29, 2014.

Introduction to HIMSS Health Story Project

During the week of the 2013 85th AHIMA Convention and Exhibit, Crystal Kallem presented, “Introduction to HIMSS Health Story Project,” teaching on the Project and its importance to your health, industry vendors, payers, research analysts, doctors and clinicians.

New England HIMSS: Ensuring Value in the Electronic Clinical Record

Liora Alschuler shared an overview of the Health Story Project and its vision for comprehensive electronic records that tell a patient’s complete health story.

Lantana Webinar: Role of Standards in Quality Measurement

Crystal Kallem presents the latest on the evolving interoperability standards for quality reporting. This session is a preview of the content available during Lantana’s CDA Academy workshops.

Surrogate EHR Environment (SEE) Tool

Mike Tushan and John Baker presented SEE, which helps providers of long term/post acute care patients (LTPAC) gain a centralized view of patient information to deliver better care. A simple, elegant Web tool, SEE leverages HL7 CDA for meeting Meaningful Use of exchange documents. It gives providers a way easily to access, import, capture, and send patient health information, and generate LTPAC summary documents.

NAACCR 2013: Electronic Health Record (EHR) Data Capture: Hopes, Fears, and Dreams

In her presentation at the 2013 Annual NAACR Conference Liora Alschuler calls out the promises of EHR data capture and how templated CDA, plus big data, can help achieve goals for better care, better outcomes, Meaningful Use, incentives.

NAACCR 2013: Standard Representation of Genomic Information

A presentation on the challenges and opportunities of genetic testing in relation to EHRs and cancer registry reporting.

HIMSS Virtual Session with M*Modal: Closed-Loop Clinical Documentation – An Alternative Approach to Achieving Meaningful Use of EHRs

This online HIMSS seminar addresses Meaningful Use compliance and increasing physician adoption of EHRs through better clinical documentation workflows.

Harvard School of Public Health, Leadership Strategies for Information Technology in Health Care: Health IT Standards for Effective Use and Innovation

This presentation addresses the value of HIT standards to drive data reuse for decision support, quality reporting, and more. Learn about required standards for MU and how best to apply them for maximum benefit.

HL7 Meaningful Use Stage 2: QRDA

This webinar provides an introduction to Quality Reporting Document Architecture – QRDA, the CDA-based standard for reporting patient quality data for one or more quality measures. Get the big picture on QRDAs, how to create them, and essential helpful tools for QRDAs.

HIMSS13: The Road to Meaningful Use: An Alternate View

This HIMSS13 Interoperability Showcase session provides an overview of the Health Story Project approach to Meaningful Use – “big data, incrementally structured.”

HIMSS13: Streamline Quality Measurement Reporting to Meet State and Federal Requirements

Dan Pollock, MD (CDC) and Bob Dolin, MD (Lantana) discuss how the National Healthcare Safety Network is applying national standards and an intelligent infrastructure for aggregating, retrieving and distributing information for quality measurement and surveillance of healthcare associated infections.

HIMSS EHR Association: Health Story Project & HL7 C-CDA

Bob Dolin, MD and Liora Alschuler speak to the HIMSS EHR Association about how use of HL7 Consolidated CDA supports the Health Story approach and helps meet meaningful use requirements.

End-to-End Quality Reporting

Bob Dolin, MD presents the latest on the evolving national interoperability standards for quality reporting.

2nd Annual Global Healthcare Conference: The Green Revolution in Health Information Technology

Uncovers environmental impact of electronic health records and a strong tie to standards in the incentive to reduce visits.

HL7 Ambassador Series: CDA and CCD

An overview of the HL7 Clinical Document Architecture Release 2.0 (CDA) and the Continuity of Care Document (CCD) standards.

HIMSS11: greenCDA and greenCCD

Introduces greenCDA – a strategy that simplifies the creation and processing of a particular CDA implementation guide

IHIC 2009: Multi-Stage CDA Validation

Describes an approach for using XML Schema and Schematron in a multi-stage validation pipeline

IHIC 2009: CDA Development using Templates

Introduces CDA design methods centered on templates, allowing for reusable, consistent and timely development

CDA4CDT: Presentation to the PEHRC

Clinical Document Architecture for Common Document Types: Presentation to the Physician’s EHR Collaborative providing background on the base standard (CDA) and the CDA4CDT project and ways that the practice community can become involved. June 18, 2007

HL7 Standards and their Application: Indexing Structured Product Labeling: Clinical and Practical Approaches Using Data Elements in SPL

Presentation to the Drug Information Association providing context and background on the work of HL7. Theme of the presentation is “it’s all about my Mother” (actually, about the patient). May 17, 2007

PHR by CDA: Creating Personal Health Records with the Clinical Document Architecture

Presentation given to the Microsoft Health Users Group (MS-HUG), Redmond, Washington, August, 2006

International Healthcare Interoperabilty Conference (7th HL7 International Affiliates Conference), Cologne, Germany, August, 2006

Keynote address given to the HL7 International Affiliates: CDA Around the World (or “The World According to CDA”)

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Spring Technology and Architecture Workshop

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Spring Technology and Architecture Workshop, St. Louis, “Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) – The Foundation Standard for Clinical Data Exchange”

Continuity of Care Document (CCD)

A presentation on CCD given at HIMSS in February, 2006.

Implementation Strategies for Success: Data Use & Reuse

Presentation made July, 2005 to the Advisory Board, Vermont Information Technology Leaders, which is the RHIO-in-formation chartered by the Vermont State Legislature.