Precision Matching: Our Partnership with San Diego Blood Bank

We are working with San Diego Blood Bank to lessen health disparities through transfusion safety.

What We've Been Doing

Blood Drive at San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

We are thrilled to be working with San Diego State University’s MESA Foundation (Mentoring and Empowering Student Athletes) and San Diego Blood Bank to raise awareness of the importance of blood donation.

On September 18th and 19th San Diego State’s Men’s Basketball team will be hosting a blood drive on their campus.

Our Chief Medical Consultant, Dr. John Spinosa, served as an interim medical director at San Diego Blood Bank where he became involved with the challenges of extended blood compatibility matching. He is currently spearheading our program with San Diego Blood Bank to improve the current standard of care in blood donation matching. As a local San Diego resident, he is familiar with the MESA Foundation’s mission to serve the local community and saw an opportunity for us to work together.

“I am honored and fortunate to be able to speak with these athletes and educate them about blood donations and Sickle Cell Disease. They can use their voices and considerable influence to encourage community participation in this blood drive and bring awareness to the importance of well-matched blood in the care of people with Sickle Cell Disease. These young men and women are such a positive influence in San Diego, and they do a great job of representing San Diego State and our city, I am sure their enthusiasm will be transferred to many others.”

Blood Bank Implementation Guide

Lantana initiated the development of a standard for exchange of blood banking genotyping and phenotyping information.

The Blood Bank Implementation Guide is an unfunded volunteer effort under the direction of John Spinosa, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Consultant.

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