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New Public CDA Stylesheet

Lantana is happy to announce the release of a new public CDA Stylesheet, an open-source renderer for CDA documents. The stylesheet transforms the XML of a CDA document into a webpage that can be viewed in a browser or other XSLT-compatible application.

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Trifolia Open Source Update

Lantana is happy to announce the release of Trifolia 4.1, the second release as open source code. With the initial release, we announced plans to improve installation, documentation, to pre-load data, and to simplify authentication. We have made progress on all of these.

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Trifolia 4.0.0 Release Notes

This is the second major open source release of Trifolia. The update simplifies the installation process for users who wish to install Trifolia on their own systems, and improves support for the latest release of FHIR. It also includes bug fixes for users in China who were unable to log in due to the use of Google Captcha. Finally, it allows users to import data from other Trifolia installations, making it easier to share data between instances of Trifolia.

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Offering an Open Source Terminology Tool

  I have been working with Robin Williams, RN, and Zabrina Gonzaga, RN, two of our clinical analysts, to update the value sets used by Camara, our clinical document editor. Our main goal is incorporating more realistic terms, so clinicians can create clinical documents using familiar terminology.   Months ago, when Lantana created the Camara…

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