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 Lantana’s Trifolia-on-FHIR is an online FHIR implementation guide (IG) creation and publishing tool that integrates the FHIR IG Publishing tool within the application. The tool simplifies the process of authoring FHIR IGs and can create FHIR profiles, extensions, value sets, questionnaires, and other artifacts.

Lantana provides a free-to-use hosted version of Trifolia-on-FHIR at

Trifolia-on-FHIR is available to download and install on your own server infrastructure. Trifolia-on-FHIR uses the following technologies:

  • JavaScript
    • JS (tested with version 11)
    • Angular 6
    • Bootstrap
  • Java (to run the FHIR IG Publisher)

The public code repository is available at

Open Source

Trifolia Workbench

Trifolia is an open source tool for creating FHIR profiles and CDA templates. Users can export templates/profiles to:

  • MS Word (DOCX)
  • Web (HTML)
  • Excel (XLSX)
  • Other XML formats

Trifolia exposes FHIR DSTU1, DSTU2, and STU3 REST APIs, as well as a native API.

Lantana provides the public with a free-to-use hosted version of Trifolia at You can also install Trifolia on a server with Windows 2008+.

Trifolia is available to download and install locally. Users should know Trifolia requires the following technologies:

  • Microsoft C# .NET 4.5
  • OAuth 2.0 Authentication
  • NET MVC and Web API
  • SQL Server 2012+
  • JS and Angular.JS
  • Bootstrap

The public code repository is available at


CDA StyleSheet

The Lantana stylesheet transforms a CDA XML document into an HTML page for display in a browser or XSLT-compatible application. The updated stylesheet is a refresh of the commonly used display stylesheet created nearly ten years ago.

Key features:

  • Adapt to any device, including print
  • Re-order the Table of Contents with a drag-and-drop feature
  • Indicate context by highlighting section while navigating
  • Map common header identifiers to human-readable display text

Control format, grouping, color palette, and font.

Free debugging tool

CDA Validator

A free online application that validates various flavors of CDA documents. Implementers use the Validator to debug common CDA document types, e.g., C-CDA.

Do the right thing: Do not upload protected health information (PHI) to this public application. Thanks!

Visit the Contact Us page to license Lantana’s validation technology for implementers who wish to host the validator locally.

How-to Guide

CDA Quick Start Guide (v1.5)

A Quick Start Guide for implementers working with simple CDA documents. This guide covers requirements in the CDA header and body and explains fundamental concepts, e.g., the approach to identifiers, vocabulary, and data types.

Open Source


An open-source JavaScript (Node.JS) module that serializes and deserializes FHIR resources between JSON and XML. The module includes limited resource validation and supports DSTU1, DSTU2, and STU3 releases of FHIR.

Node.JS Module


A light-weight JavaScript (Node.JS) module installed as a command-line tool to query terminology service providers (including SNOMED-CT and RxNorm). Term-Query includes built-in queries for lists of terminology service providers' medications, problems, etc. Term-Query saves output in OpenXML Excel format (.xlsx).