Development, implementation, and initial evaluation of a foundational open interoperability standard for oncology treatment planning and summarization, JAMIA January 2015

Authors: Jeremy L. Warner, Suzanne E. Maddux, Kevin S. Hughes, John C. Krauss, Peter Paul Yu, Lawrence N. Shulman, Deborah K. Mayer, Mike Hogarth , Mark Shafarman , Allison Stover Fiscalini, Laura Esserman, Liora Alschuler , George Augustine Koromia, Zabrina Gonzaga, Edward P. Ambinder

The objective of this article was to develop and evaluate a foundational oncology-specific standard for the communication and coordination of care throughout the cancer journey, with early-stage breast cancer as the use case. The team developed an implementation guide in congruence with C-CDA which was balloted through the HL7 process and implemented by the Health Story Project and Athena Breast Health Network. The HL7 Implementation Guide for CDA, Release 2: Clinical Oncology Treatment Plan and Summary, DSTU Release 1 (eCOTPS) was successfully balloted and published as a Draft Standard for Trial Use (DSTU) in October 2013.