Trifolia     VIEW

Trifolia is an open source tool for creating FHIR profiles and CDA templates. Once templates/profiles have been created by a designer in Trifolia, they can be exported in MS Word (DOCX), Web (HTML), Excel (XLSX) and a number of different XML formats. Trifolia exposes FHIR DSTU1, DSTU2 and STU3 REST APIs and a native API.

Trifolia must be installed on a Windows 2008+ server and uses the following technologies:

  • OAuth 2.0 Authentication
  • C# .NET, MVC and Web API
  • SQL Server 2012+
  • Knockout.JS and Angular.JS
  • Bootstrap

You can access the public code repository at

Lantana maintains an online version of Trifolia that is free for anyone to use:


CDA StyleSheet     VIEW

This stylesheet transforms the XML of a CDA document into a webpage that can be viewed in a browser or other XSLT-compatible application. This new stylesheet is a much needed refresh of the look & feel of the commonly used display stylesheet created almost ten years ago.

Key features:

  • Adapt to any device, including paper.
  • Drag & drop re-ordering of sections from the Table of Contents
  • Context indicated by highlighting current section while navigating
  • Map common header identifiers to human readable display text
  • Look & feel: logical grouping, revamped color palette, clearer type


CDA Validator     VIEW

This free-to-use online application validates various flavors of CDA documents. Use it for debugging common types of CDA documents including C-CDA. Since this is a public application, no protected health information (PHI) should be uploaded to this application.

Anyone wishing to license our validation technology for use in their own applications should visit our products page.


CDA Quick Start Guide (v1.5)     DOWNLOAD

This Quick Start Guide supports implementers working with simple CDA documents. It covers required elements in the CDA header and body and explains fundamental concepts including the CDA approach to identifiers, vocabulary and data types.



An open-source JavaScript (Node.JS) module that provides developers functionality to serialize and deserialize FHIR resources between JSON and XML. Limited resource validation capabilities are included. Supports DSTU1, DSTU2 and STU3 releases of FHIR.


Term-Query   VIEW [NPM]   VIEW [GITHUB]

A light-weight JavaScript (Node.JS) module that is installed as a command-line tool to run queries against various terminology service providers (including SNOMED-CT and RXNORM). Includes some built-in queries to gather lists of medications, medications, etc. Output is saved in OpenXML Excel format (.docx).