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CDA in the Wild: Conclusion (Installment #8)

Clinical Documents were never meant to hold 10 pounds of coded data. CDA is a 5-pound bag, containing the actual words, either written directly by a clinician or spoken and transcribed, with the minimal coding necessary for the use case.

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CDA in the Wild: Coded Data Issues (Installment #6)

  This week, I have left the bush behind and retreated to the comfort of my office. I am attempting to decode the works of the famous biologist Brice Schneuer, who spent the later part of his career dedicated to Wild CDA research.   Although he published many authoritative works on the species, Schneuer jealously…

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CDA in the Wild: Narrative Issues (Installment #5)

  A solitary Wild CDA has left its pride. We can only presume it is searching for a mate by its extravagantly complex header and the swish of its long tail of codes. However, research tells us that while a long code tail is nice to have, it is the mating call of the CDA,…

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CDA in the Wild: Validation and Schematron (Installment #4)

  It has been weeks since our last episode. Frankly, the sight of that genetically mutated Wild-CDA/North-American-XHTML hybrid left my team so repulsed that many could not continue. But after discussing the importance of this work, and a few crew changes, we are back in the field.   And we are documenting something never seen…

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CDA in the Wild: Validation – XML Schema (Installment #3)

  During our last episode, we stumbled upon a wild CDA lying dead in the grass. Not wanting to pass up such an opportunity, we decided to dissect the beast to uncover the cause of death. The immediate cause turned out to be a malformed end tag that resulted in catastrophic system failure.   Further…

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CDA In The Wild: Basic XML Issues (Installment #2)

  Move in closer now…do you see that? It’s a wild CDA lying motionless in the grass. Surely it’s waiting for prey to…wait, it’s not moving – something’s wrong…   Ah, this one was dead when we got here.   A fair number of wild CDAs suffer from basic XML issues. This means they are…

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CDA in the Wild – Introduction

…beyond the bushes ahead you will see the Wild CDA in its natural habitat…
Lantana Consulting Group presents the first installment of CDA in the Wild by Rick Geimer, a blog series that identifies top errors found in CDAs (and how to fix them).

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