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CDA in the Wild: Validation and Schematron (Installment #4)

  It has been weeks since our last episode. Frankly, the sight of that genetically mutated Wild-CDA/North-American-XHTML hybrid left my team so repulsed that many could not continue. But after discussing the importance of this work, and a few crew changes, we are back in the field.   And we are documenting something never seen…

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CDA In The Wild: Basic XML Issues (Installment #2)

  Move in closer now…do you see that? It’s a wild CDA lying motionless in the grass. Surely it’s waiting for prey to…wait, it’s not moving – something’s wrong…   Ah, this one was dead when we got here.   A fair number of wild CDAs suffer from basic XML issues. This means they are…

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CDA in the Wild – Introduction

…beyond the bushes ahead you will see the Wild CDA in its natural habitat…
Lantana Consulting Group presents the first installment of CDA in the Wild by Rick Geimer, a blog series that identifies top errors found in CDAs (and how to fix them).

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