Standards Development

Zabrina Gonzaga,
RN, Principal Nurse Informaticist
& Director of Health Informatics

We have had a role in the development of many of the primary standards for health information interoperability over the past 17 years.

Lantana’s principals have been involved in designing, building, harmonizing, balloting, publishing, and implementing interoperable solutions in healthcare IT since 1996.

The company has led the development of over two dozen national and international healthcare data exchange standards, including the HL7 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA), Consolidated CDA (C-CDA), HQMF (Healthcare Quality Measure Format)/eMeasure, and Quality Reporting Document Architecture (QRDA) standards.  The CDA and QRDA standards are cited as requirements for Stage 2 Meaningful Use of EHR systems in the U.S.

Six Lantana consultants are currently HL7 work groups co-chairs (vocabulary, structured documents, implementation technology, clinical genomics, child health, and clinical quality information).

Through our volunteer work with HL7 and other Standards Development Organizations, we have developed a good sense of the process for developing and expressing consensus on a HIT standard.

Eighteen of the specifications where we have led development through HL7 over the past several years have been published after a single round of balloting. We attribute this track record of success to our respect for both the consensus-driven ballot process and the underlying business requirements reflected in the standards.

Core Clinical Information Standards

HL7’s Clinical Document Architecture (CDA)

ASTM/HL7 Continuity of Care Document (CCD)

HL7/Health Story specifications for common document types, now HL7 Consolidated CDA (C-CDA)

Public Health and Quality Reporting

CDC’s National Healthcare Safety Network Healthcare Associated Infection Reporting

HL7’s Quality Reporting Document Architecture (QRDA)

HL7’s Healthcare Quality Measure Format (HQMF or “eMeasure”)

CDC’s Public Health Case Reports

AHRQ Common Format, CDA Implementation Guide

CMS’s Minimum Data Set, CDA Implementation Guide

FDA’s Structured Product Labeling (SPL)


Value sets for each of the standards listed

SNOMED Editorial Board