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Eric Parapini
Information Analyst

Eric Parapini is an information analyst with a focus on terminology mapping and health information exchange standards. He graduated from the University of Victoria in British Columbia with a B.S. in Health Information Science.

At Lantana, Eric uses his technical expertise to leverage value from existing standards and to create new ones where gaps appear. His work includes analyzing client clinical data and assessing viability for eMeasure reporting. Eric creates custom workflows for clients, setting up easily recreated processes for quality data reporting. The scope of his data quality analysis work ranges from general data completeness to specific measure reporting viability.

Eric’s standards creation work is focused on FHIR, CDA, and quality based measures. Past projects include support and maintenance of the electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs) slated for Meaningful Use 2 (MU2). He helped design the Quality Data Model (QDM)-based Health Quality Measures Format (HQMF) Implementation Guide, mapping data elements in QDM templates to HQMF templates, and managed requirements for software products at Lantana. Eric is a co-author of the HL7 Implementation Guide for CDA® Release 2: HIV/AIDS Services Report for the Health Resources and Services Administrations (HRSA) Ryan White HIV AIDS Program. He worked with HRSA to gather requirements, leverage existing health standards, and create value sets using MU-approved terminology standards.

Eric also maintains Lantana’s updated CDA Stylesheet, which is open-source and publicly available on the company’s GitHub site.

Q & A

What technological advancement can you not live without?

GPS – I would be lost without it.

What was your first job?

My first job was working on a dairy farm. I quickly found out how unpleasant work can be when your co-workers are all a bunch of cows.

Best advice received:

Surround yourself with the smartest people you know.

My favorite movie is:

Gladiator, The Prestige, Apocalypse Now

Downtime: how do you relax?

Reading, cooking, and yelling at my sports teams.