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Consolidated CDA: Pursuing Continuous Improvement

  Recently, I helped a team of HIT vendors implement an experiment to study the new HL7 Consolidated CDA (C-CDA) Care Plan Document template. This template includes constraints on a base standard, called HL7 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA), to meet the requirements for care plan information sharing. The CDA standard is a draft standard for…

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The Lifecycle of a Template – Part 2: Template Characteristics and Lifecycle

HIT Stakeholders at all levels benefit from understanding the template lifecycle. System engineers and clinical analysts who design templates, implementers who use templates, and participants who govern templates need this knowledge to do their jobs. Understanding the lifecycle of a template requires you have the following: Appreciation the relationship between a template and its versions.…

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The Lifecycle of a Template – Part 1: Stability and Progress

A template’s inaugural design often doesn’t seem like a “version”. It is difficult for designers while working closely to solve a problem, to envision that someday, perhaps even in the not too distant future, the solution they are in the midst of creating will need to change. And so it is with templates.

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