Working at Lantana: Onboarding


In the series “Working at Lantana”, we share how we work and who we are to paint a picture of our company’s culture. This is the first installment in the series.


There’s always an anxious excitement associated with joining a new company and meeting new team members. A new chair that requires some breaking in, an empty work-space that will eventually become a reflection of your style. Things are a little different at Lantana. As a completely distributed company, the biggest dilemma on your first day working from home is choosing the location of your work-station (pro-tip: the closer to your fridge, the better). Your first day does not involve asking about the nearest washroom or smiling for an awkward security badge picture. So what can you expect when your workplace already feels like home?


Blog author, Eric Parapini, at his home-office.



New team members can either use their own computer and home phone or have Lantana provide it for them. Everyone has the freedom to hook up their mobile device to receive company e-mail. What may be a new addition to your home is a landline (I know it was for me!). Everyone at Lantana has a landline, which acts as a stable point of contact and makes the home office feel more like an office.



We make a conscious effort so new team members feel connected. An onboarding buddy will help you learn our tools, products, and goals. The focus on engagement extends past the company’s inner circle. New team members are immediately put on a project, and produce meaningful work from the first day.



Although the onboarding process may end, your buddy remains. This buddy maintains a relationship that provides an accessible channel for questions and comments. This fosters Lantana’s tight-knit organization.


Interested in experiencing our onboarding process? Check out our Careers page for opportunities to join the team!