Lantana Consulting Group provides services and software for standards-based health information exchange. We have built our expertise through more than a decade of involvement in standards development and deployment.

We focus on design and implementation of Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) and Fast Healthcare Interoperable Resources (FHIR) compliant systems, including validation, document management, authoring, data conversion, and web services for information exchange. We support these implementations with extensive background and depth in health informatics, healthcare terminologies and project management.

Our work focuses on the benefits of EHR data management for quality reporting, public health reporting, research, and meaningful use of electronic records.


We want to see health information available across the spectrum of care, supporting safe, effective, affordable healthcare that improves well-being, public health, quality of care, and research.


We take an incremental approach to change. Semantic interoperability, while difficult to achieve, is essential and possible when built on a solid foundation that respects the integrity of the clinical record and clinical processes.

Standards are the foundation of health IT interoperability and data standards are the most essential. We have watched interoperability gain ground around the world, and we see that the applications supporting it will continue to evolve, while the data itself can and should remain stable.

The investment in clinical data capture and management by providers must survive the inevitable changes in applications, communications and exchange protocols. Clinical data is the largest investment that a provider makes and should remain usable over time, serving multiple demands for operational intelligence and decision support.

Lantana also values environmental sustainability in our business practices. Through our initiative, greenLantana, we work to improve the health of our employees and the environment in our everyday way of doing business.