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CMS Connectathon

January 7, 2020 January 8, 2020

Connectathon participants will have the opportunity to join FHIR subject matter experts as they refine implementation guides, and see first-hand how the development of FHIR solutions takes place. Participants at the HL7/CMS FHIR Connectathon will be able to watch the standard at work as Implementation Guides that impact US healthcare payers come to life through use cases such as Payer to Provider Data Exchange, Prior Authorization Support, Payer Alerts, and Electronic Clinical Quality Measure Reporting. Participants will be able to join specific tracks and learn to build FHIR resources or choose to observe testing and progress of Da Vinci Project Implementation Guides and Reference Implementations.

Rick Geimer, Zabrina Gonzaga, and Mike Tushan will attend the event. Click here for more information.