President & CEO
Contract & Project Manager
Clinical Analyst
Public Health Analyst
Staff Accountant
Program Analyst
Administrative Assistant & Event Coordinator
Director of Operations
Senior Staff Accountant
Senior Project Coordinator
Senior Nurse Informaticist, eCQM Lead
Senior Information Analyst
Chief Innovation Officer
Principal Investigator
Principal Nurse Informaticist & Director of Health Informatics
Program Analyst
Project Manager
Technical Editor
Technical Analyst
Clinical Analyst
Human Resources Lead & Senior Financial Analyst
Program/Policy Analyst & Communications Lead
IT Manager & Senior Software Architect
Project Manager
Program Analyst
Chief Financial Officer
Senior Nurse Informaticist/Manager, Health Informatics
Manager of Professional Services
Director of Information Analysis & Technology
Nurse Informaticist
Senior Clinical Analyst
Director of Business Development
Program Analyst
Senior Clinical Analyst
Senior Project Manager
Senior Technical Editor