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CAQH CORE Attachments Webinar – Part 1

Start: March 2, 2017

Lantana Consulting Group worked with the Committee on Operating Rules for Information Exchange to develop¬†a webinar series on the use and successful adoption of uniform electronic Attachments. The series¬†will address the industry’s need for knowledge and thoughtful implementation guidance for Attachments. Liora Alschuler and Rick Geimer will co-present the session with CAQH.

This first webinar, titled Laying the Foundation for Electronic Healthcare Attachments, will:

  • Present business drivers and Attachment use cases, including claims and
    prior authorization
  • Offer an overview of standards-based electronic Attachments and their
    relationship to standards used in industry today
  • Provide an update on related CAQH CORE initiatives and federal policy
  • Discuss existing Attachment challenges and opportunities
    Encourage audience-members to ask questions and provide input on future
    webinar topics

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