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CAQH CORE Attachments Webinar – Part 1

Start: March 2, 2017

Lantana Consulting Group worked with the Committee on Operating Rules for Information Exchange to develop a webinar series on the use and successful adoption of uniform electronic Attachments. The series will address the industry’s need for knowledge and thoughtful implementation guidance for Attachments. Liora Alschuler and Rick Geimer will co-present the session with CAQH.

This first webinar, titled Laying the Foundation for Electronic Healthcare Attachments, will:

  • Present business drivers and Attachment use cases, including claims and
    prior authorization
  • Offer an overview of standards-based electronic Attachments and their
    relationship to standards used in industry today
  • Provide an update on related CAQH CORE initiatives and federal policy
  • Discuss existing Attachment challenges and opportunities
    Encourage audience-members to ask questions and provide input on future
    webinar topics

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