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What is AUR and Why Do We Care?

  AUR is more than an airport code for a commune in southern France (Aurillac, if you are curious). AUR is an important facet of public...MORE
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Notes from the Field

  This blog post is the first in a short series of Lantana’s experience in getting out of the office and into the field.   As a fully...MORE
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Working at Lantana: Annual Retreat

  This blog post is part of a series on the work culture at Lantana. We talk about what makes working here unique – like your...MORE
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Road Warrior’s Utility Belt

  A benefit of Lantana’s virtual structure is the ability to work almost anywhere. Most days, this means working from our home offices (boring!). Occasionally, we...MORE
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Lantana Selects Cool Effects Projects to Offset Carbon Emissions

  How does a distributed company in the health information technology industry offset emissions from business travel? Set criteria, choose a vendor, and ask the staff...MORE
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