Case Statements

KP Sethi, Director of
Information Analysis & Technology


Predictable Reporting: 13 sites, 7 EHRs, 65 measures submitted to State Medicaid

A state HIE needed to find the most efficient path to meet quality reporting targets where each provider site had data that matched up differently against potential target measures. Lantana determined the shortest pathway to predictable, reliable reporting for each site. Our clinical analysts schematized the requirements across the set of potential measures, then assessed…

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Improving Public Health through Public Reporting

In 2007, as the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) was gearing up to collect information on healthcare associated infections (HAIs), they needed a mechanism to pull information captured in local infection control applications and EHRs without redundant data entry. The prevalent standards for data sharing could not easily model the reports and were not compatible…

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